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Daylight savings yes or no?

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    Are you guys getting email notifications on your threads? I haven't since the site went down for a few days a few months ago? It's been so long I forget. I hope they get this site fixed, I find myself coming less and less, especially without the email notifications. Sent a message to the webmaster, hopefully someone can help!


      tech assigned to this.


        The site is a total mess right now. Hardly anything is working at all. Apparently there was a virus issue that they are trying to fix. I have no idea why it is taking so long but I'm not the tech guy. Hopefully somebody will get it up and running properly soon.

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          Oh, so it isn't just me. I don't know what that had to do with daylight savings, but I hate these changes. It is too abrupt. During the course of the year as the days get longer or shorter, it is a gradual process and so our bodies get used to the changes easily and then suddenly instead of being light out still at 5 PM it is pitch black out. I find myself thinking that it 11 PM when it is really 7:30 PM. When I saw my arthritis doctor on Wednesday last week, she said all her patients were feeling lousy. Two weeks now and I am still having trouble.