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Best "Bang for the Buck" Floor Shock-Absorbing Materials?

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  • Best "Bang for the Buck" Floor Shock-Absorbing Materials?

    Our new house will have all hard floors. We have a medium-size dog. We want to create a set-up where she can safely jump off the bed. Because we were thinking about getting a rug for the bedroom anyway, the idea has started percolating in my brain about getting some sort of impact absorbing material (something like foam tiles, exercise mat, etc) that won't slide around, to be attached to the underside of the rug, perhaps with Velcro. I'm not interested in finding the cheapest option, because injury prevention is the goal. My question for anyone who has knowledge, is how can I get the best "bang for the buck"? Because it will be covered up, appearance doesn't matter. I'm not opposed to a 3-layer approach (no-slip layer, impact absorption layer, rug) but 2-layers would be preferred.

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    I'd try to go for all-in-one. For example, DW somewhat recently got a new bath mat for our bathroom from Costco that has a non-slip bottom, roughly 3/4-inch memory foam padding, and plus the normal "rug" layer. I'd basically look for the thickest, most plush bath mat of that sort that you can find.
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      We have a WellnessMat in our kitchen to cushion the ceramic tile floor when we're cooking and washing dishes. We love that.

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        Both really good suggestions. Thanks kork13 and disneysteve! I'm not sure a WellnessMat would work alone, as our dog's nails might puncture it (especially when jumping). But if I could find a used one at Goodwill or FB marketplace it would probably be great under a rug. I'll take a look at the Costco bathmat sizes to see if they come big enough. I've been observing our dog's jumping & landing patterns --- let's just say she's not exactly Olympic gymnast material!


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          Owner of a senior dog here so we have aides all over the house for our little guy.

          For a launch/landing pad, we've found that rubber-backed/ non-slip generic small mats and rugs work great, like for a doorway. They can't be too soft/squishy because that screws up the accuracy of the launch. The low-pile of the carpet aids in traction and braking

          But for the bed, we actually have a little set of steps that he uses. Safer than jumping and easier on joints. One of those with a little rug in front of it has made all the difference for him. You can search amazon for "dog bed steps" and about a hundred different options will pop up.

          We have another low-cut non-slip rug in front of where he likes to get on/off the couch, which is on hardwoods. Didn't even have to train him to use that one....he knows what it's for! lol


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            We ordered our new mattress and frame. We are going with a platform without any legs (it comes with legs that we can screw in later if we want to) + an average height mattress (no pillow top). That way we'll keep the bed lower to the ground than we have in the past.
            When I first asked this question I was looking for ways to absorb impact. But after spending oodles of time looking at beds & mattresses online, and sleeping the past month on just a mattress set directly on the floor, I realized we could start out by reducing the height the dog needs to jump. I was slow to come to that realization, but I think it will help. We will of course add a rug, but that may be all we need. We'll see when the bed is actually set up.