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Pay off Car Loan or Invest Money???

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    @ YLTL_Dan -
    Thank you!
    Ha! I do not see myself selling the car, at any point in the foreseeable future!
    I am a girl that can appreciate the ride that a well made car can provide

    The only way I plan to get a different car, would be if my job required me to drive around the state of Texas again, but it would be as a 2nd car, that I would not care packing the miles on

    I do plan on hanging around this site, however, to keep me mindful of saving and investing and resisting all debt!


      You own a house. You have some doubt that your job will still be needed. You have a high salary, which may be hard to replace if something happens to your job.

      I would hang on to the bulk of the cash.


        What can I say here,Oh.. follow your financial adviser. It's a good thing if you don't have a car loan.


          I have paid off my car. It feels great! But then again I did not have that amount of money to invest... Good Luck