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To coupon or not to coupon?

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    To coupon or not to coupon?

    I've noticed since I've started cutting out coupons that I would cut out items that I've never tried before or I cut out an item and find out the price at the store minus the coupon savings is still too much for my shopping budget. If you can relate, I would suggest making a list and THEN cutting out the coupons that you will need to buy the items on the list. That way you are not just buying things on an impulse just because you have a coupon for it.

    Now if you want to try a new product here's my tip for whether or not to use a coupon and buying the product: When you go to the store and find the item is still too much after the coupon, find a similar item that is cheaper(usually a store brand). Here's a great way to find a similar item: look at the ingredients on the label and compare it to a cheaper brand. If the majority of the ingredients match the more expensive brand, buy the cheaper one.


    I usually glance over very fast looking ONLY for products I buy anyway.

    If I really want to try something I shop for coupons by searching on the manufacturers website and other online coupon sites.

    Google "name of product" + online coupons
    or "name of product" + sample

    I also ask my friends if they have experience with product X.

    For kids, my local store have a baby club and they mail me very good coupons every couple months. Same thing, I use the ones for my usual buys, the rest I leave at my work coffee room.

    hope tat helps and curious as to how other savers do it


      I coupon shop only items I use. I rarely do it on food, though I did it this past week on granola bars, chex mix, and yogurt. Stuff I eat.

      I am DEFINITELY doing coupons on diapers, wipes, baby food. Stockpiling now. I have around 13 packs of diapers I bought for less than $1 a pack.
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        there is a great site called couponmom that lines up what coupons you have with what's on sale at your local grocery.

        Essentially you keep the coupon section of the newspaper from each sunday in folders. The site tells you what week the coupon came out so you can easily find it.

        I works really well and is easy to keep up with. You can save some serious bread shopping this way.


          From my own experience, I may say that it's pretty rewarding to use coupons for such stuff as tea and coffee, herbs etc.
          But the most important thing is not to switch to another manufacturer just because they provide some coupons for discounts. It's ridiculous, I think.


            I love using the Cartwheel app at Target, because you can scan the items you were planning to buy anyway, and it will tell you if there are any additional cartwheel savings to be had. It's so exciting to get an extra unadvertised 25% off something.

            That said, I don't cut out traditional coupons at all, largely for the reasons mentioned by the OP. The last thing I need is more new items competing for my budget.


              I used to coupon but got away from it. Now that I am laid off, I started clipping again.