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Referral Link Sharing Rules

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    Referral Link Sharing Rules

    Welcome to the Referral Link Sharing forum. Very often, businesses give some sort of referral bonus to existing customers who refer new customers. The new customer may also get some sort of sign up bonus. It might be a credit card, a bank, a restaurant, or something else. This is a place for us to share those sorts of referral links for various services.

    In order to post links, you must meet BOTH of these conditions:

    1. You must be a member of Saving Advice for at least 6 months AND 2. You must have made at least 25 posts to the forums.

    As long as you meet those conditions, feel free to share your referral links.

    Keep it clean. No referrals for any sort of adult/inappropriate content.

    Keep it legit. No payday lenders or other predatory sort of businesses.

    The goal here is to help each other improve our finances and save money.

    Be aware that the moderators and administrators of the site may remove posts for any reason if they feel they are inappropriate in any way.