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    Since I'm here, I think one of the greatest advantages of streaming over other traditional form of media is the near real-time interaction with your favorite athletes.

    Imagine you're really into basketball, and your favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. Imagine being able to yell into your TV, in the middle of his game, "GO MICHAEL! YOU CAN DO IT!" and then have Michael turn towards the TV screen and say, "Hey, thanks for the cheer, internet guy" wink, and the continue playing the game.

    Yes, in reality, it may not be as glamorous or noticeable as that, but for those of you who have participated in streams, you know what I am talking about here. It's not just that you can watch highly skilled players play. You can also ask questions on how to improve your own game, and in the middle of their game, get an answer back. It's not just watching hilarious personalities make us laugh, but actually engage in banter with them as well. And it's not just watching some attractive females with particularly endowed assets, but also having the ability have them roll their eyes at you and mutter, "Creep". Uh, that last one is totally hypothetical by the way. No first hand real life experience with that one there. Ahem.

    The point is: The interaction is the secret sauce.

    I'm willing to bet that this type of programming will be, somehow, the future of television some day. I mean, traditional media content providers have already been providing this for years now, where they will read emails and tweets on their show, and have their athletes and correspondents respond to it. Streaming basically cuts out the middle man and allows you to interact with the source directly, and do so in near real time.

    I uh also do not think this is an ideal format as it means a lot of people will just spam the text chat or worse, and the streamer will simply ignore almost all of it. However, a middle ground can be found by having aides who can filter all that mess, and collate it into a coherent series of questions that can be asked during a live stream.

    The traditional cable TV model is dying. The future generation does not know a world where the internet did not exist. I don't know exactly what the future of media consumption will look like, but streaming, or something like it, could very possibly become the future.
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        Very useful, thanks