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Anyone making money on Zazzle/Cafepress?

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    Anyone making money on Zazzle/Cafepress?

    A few years ago, I went to Zazzle to find a gift. They are great for oddly specific topics since everyday folks are making their own designs. Anyhoo, I got to checkout and had around $60 in credit! I had long ago made a design for myself and not realizing how the process works, had apparently posted it for sale as well. I have consistently made about $20 a year on it and still do.

    This made me wonder how well someone might do if they were designing and selling intentionally!

    My husband is an artist and I have started using his work to create products, but so far, only the accidental product has sold. Lol, I guess I don't know what people want.

    I'm curious about other people's Zazzle or Cafepress experiences.

    Cafepress might be good for T-shirts. The great thing about the Cafepress model is that they can make custom orders for you, you don't need to keep any inventory on hand.