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    Business Ideas


    Okay - here are some business ideas I've been batting around. Let me know your thoughts:

    1. Website specializing in selling used childrens blocks or legos.

    2. Develop a range booster for the iphone

    3. Mail order cobbler service

    4. but only for clothes

    5. Online Chinese food cooking classes - interactive classes via the web

    6. Build and develop an app for introverts who want to improve their social skills

    7. Custom shirt website - you enter your requirements and the site generates a perfect fit for you.

    8. App to compare breakfast food prices at major grocers

    9. Develop and market ultra-durable shoe soles

    10. Market and sell impractically huge non-standard sized coffee mugs.

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    The range booster for the IPHONE seems like a great idea.
    Especially if it is portable and/or fold-able in an easy to carry case


      half of those ideas listed seem over saturated to me however if your serious about starting one of those up, who knows maybe it might take off..


        Here are a few more:

        1. Develop lo-jack technology for bicycles or scooters market and sell it. Market to bike manufacturers as an add feature.

        2. Attachable GPS units for dogs/children. No more dogs or kids loose in the neighborhood. Market via late night television.

        3. Start a bike rating website - get money from affiliate commissions

        4. Develop and market an animal recognition app - just take a picture of the animal on your smartphone and the app will identify it for you. Sell for less than $5 dollars via the apple store.

        5. Develop and market a "who is this person" app. You can just take a picture of the person on your smartphone and the app can search social media to tell you who that person is. Could have law enforcement and business networking applications. Sell for less than $5 dollars via the apple store.


          Online food cooking classes seems a good idea for me



            Hey guys,

            Becoming a freelancer is always a great route to take as well. Since we all tend to be well versed on saving, you may be able to advertise yourself as a savings consultant online. You could offer to help someone automate their finances so that they know exactly how much they can spend each month and how much they will save each month. Imagine the value you could provide people in difficult financial situations.

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              1. A Business Called "One Remote"

              That means putting all of people's electronics into one hand held remote.

              It should lead to helping them with other issues such as computers or setting up a new telephone.
              I see it being just a door opener and people would call you back in the future for many issues because reading instruction manuals is tedious

              Maybe establish a set service fee of $150 or $200 with up to 2 hrs of time allotted
              Charge a bit more for miles which exceed that perimeter.

              The lower $250 might incite more people to pay in cash saving some $ on taxes

              2. Teach an exercise class thru your local Adult School. Makes you get out and exercise and you get paid a little $$ to do it.
              Not the best business but an extra side hustle if you love to go hiking, let's say.

              3. We know a Couple whose made a great living teaching Dog Obedience classes. It's their own business and I felt it seemed a bit pricey back in the day
              They've overall had no competition for decades and have up to 20 people per class. Not sure what their qualifications are though


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                I've just started one, actually - writing songs. I already have one full time and one part time job, so I'm not really investing anything into it as I don't have much time for too many clients at a time. There's this email that goes to over 3000 people in the area where you can advertise really cheap, so I did that.. If it really takes off, maybe I'll make a website and go global


                  Online cooking classes


                    Oh also, Attachable GPS units for dogs/children sounds interesting.


                      Online cooking classes is my best bet. Besides I can imagine you enjoy doing it at home educating others online on how to cook Chinese food. I would do the same, except that I don't know how to cook Chinese cuisine.


                        - Legal online system for consultations in the field of real estate
                        - Site, service -Know yourself


                          Online work that can be done from anywhere.


                            Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.


                              Someone that can rescue on-line sellerís listings, terms of service, etc. from horrendous spelling and grammar. I see this a lot with the co-called ĎChinese sellersí that I donít care if they canít sell due to their writing ability, but lots of US based sellers have real trouble and they would have a much better chance at selling if things were written coherently. They seem oblivious to spell checkers.