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Anyone has tried lease options?

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    Anyone has tried lease options?


    In real estate we know that there are a lot of strategies, some gurus say one is the best in the world and others say other strategy is better and we donīt really know which one to start doing first.

    Some people say Lease option agreements are the best way to start investing in real estate because you donīt have to apply for any credit in the bank.

    Other people say Lease options are risky because as you are not the legal owner of the house you just have a lease with a contract that gives you permission to reassign the lease to someone else. Youīre stuck in the middle of two contracts and as you are not the real owner there can be problems if the owner decides to cancel the lease or finally sell the house for example.

    There are a lot of opinions regarding this investing strategy.

    What do you guys think about this?

    Anyone here has tried this in the past?

    You mean a lease option to buy a home?
    How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?


      Seldom truly valuable in residential transactions … usually nothing more than a ruse to rent the house from trusting owners. Or a for a buyer the seller REALLY really wants to eventually sell to.

      More likely usable in commercial and retail opportunities.


        I do lease options!

        My mother has 3 properties. They are all houses. She let me handle the lease options. So, I get the money for leasing them. The thing is the owner is still my mother's name. We are 3 siblings and she hasn't decided yet who gets those properties when she's gone. For now, my siblings agreed that I get all the money from rentals. The good thing about this arrangements is I get good money from rentals of the 3 houses but it's only because the real owner is my mother. It's sort of family business. However, if you're doing this with other people and all that contract stuff, it could be a little tough. Knowing you don't really have a control on what or when the real owner decided to sell the property or cut off you as the leaser. It all comes down to trusting the real owner.