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Commercial mortgage?

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    Commercial mortgage?

    Hi, ive been saving money and working on my credit score for 2 years now.
    ive sat down with a couple bankers about getting a single family home to rent out.
    my income switched to schedule c last year so i cant seem to qualify for a 30 year fixed mortgage.
    One bank offered me a 20% down 20 year loan at 4.75 but it is an a.r.m. where the rate changes in 5 years.
    is this a good way to go? It seems im trading cashflow for equity. Since im planning to grab more and more homes, the equity should be good for me to secure more loans in the future??

    Commercial loans are for 4 units or more.
    Single family homes are traditional mortgages.
    Most lenders will want 25% down and only finance for 20 yr fixed.

    There are brokers that will work with you and do 10% down on rentals.
    But be careful.

    I'd recommend heading over to Biggerpockets and posting your question there.
    Someone will respond to you fairly quickly and steer you to a mortgage broker in your area.