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  • Investing in REITs

    If you were like me - middle-aged (mid 40s), limited income in a high cost area and there was no real opportunity to buy houses on the cheap (everything here is high 800s) - then would you invest in REITs, instead ? You can start small and earn dividends without the headaches of actually being an landlord.

    Any advise for me ? I am hoping to generate a stream of passive income eventually, outside of the stock market, to help with "diversification".
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    I haven't don't a great deal of research to back up my statements, but in general terms, REITs will act more like stock mutual funds, and earn returns comparable to them as well. If you want to invest in real estate, save up & invest in real estate. If you want mutual funds, invest in mutual funds. I know I'm dramatically over-simplifying things, but that's my general philosophy.
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      I have a small stake in one. I keep it small because I wouldn't want to rely on just a REIT for passive income. Like anything, you need some diversity. Blend it with some good quality dividend paying stocks