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Health insurance advice for newlyweds

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    In terms of getting married during the plan year, it shouldn't complicate things much. Either you will stay on separate plans, or have 30 days by law to add your husband to your plan since marriage is a qualifying event as well as cancel an old plan if once you have proof of coverage.

    Go to and have your husband go through the process and see what the final cost will be. He will at least keep this for the first part of the year. Then when you are married if it costs more than your employers plan, ditch the plan and put him on yours. If not, keep the plan. If you change insurance, get a letter from the new insurer stating coverage start date and you can cancel the old plan effective that date.

    If he doesn't get coverage, your ACA penalty will be the greater of $95 or 1% of gross, which would be about $620 based on your estimated salaries. Of course, this means he has no coverage which is not a good thing. At the very least, have him get a bronze plan from This will be more than the penalty but at least he will have some coverage if something really went wrong.

    Another thing to ask, is what about his employer? If it is over 50 people, they will eventually have to provide coverage for their workers under the Affordable Care Act.

    This is the one area where the ACA hits married people, in that the subsidies do not help as much as if you were still single. Certainly take your time and try to find what works out best for you.