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    Budget Software Reviews

    I came across this page that compares 17 software packages for tracking your budget:
    Personal Finance Software Comparison - Top Finance Software Compared | Personal Finance Software Reviews

    Their top 3 picks are YNAB, Mvelopes, and Mint. (Quicken and Microsoft Money came in at #8 and #13, respectively.) It gives a nice summary of the cost, strength, and weaknesses of each one.

    Thought it might be useful for anyone looking for software.

    I've been sucessfully using for over two weeks and I love it.
    I can enter my expenses via text, email and much more "exp gas 12.89 Mobil station"
    It's free.
    I tried quicken but was too restrictive
    I tried mvelopes but the interface was too dry and too much work.

    i guess it depends on what are you looking for.
    I needed a tracking that was super easy and the ability to categorize/tag my expenses.
    I can also export to excel


      That's a great list of reviews. Even though the app I develop is not listed , one of the best personal finance application reviews I've seen is:
      Personal Finance Software Review 2009 - TopTenREVIEWS

      If anyone is looking for a personal finance application for managing bills, take a look at R6 Bill Tracker. Bill Tracker is a free and open source personal finance application. If you have any input or feedback, please let me know, because it benefits others.

      You can download Bill Tracker at:
      R6 Software, LLC - Open Source Personal Finance Software


        Hi croland,
        I am interested in using your software. However, I use a Mac computer. Is your software compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.7 or it only for Windows users?


          I once heard a budget is like a diet, no one stays on one for long. If you have any debt at all, you are spending more than you earn. That is the first thing you have to stop. We tried to simplify this by coming up with with our Runaway Checkbook program. It is an online tool. It's simple, you enter in your income and fixed expenses from the last 12 months (takes about 2 hours), and the online spending planner will tell you how much is left for discretionary spending on a weekly basis. As long as you don't spend more than that amount, then you are living within your income. The planner automatically builds in "fat" so that you will rarely have a fixed expense that exceeds the planned amount. The key to our tool is to enter in your actual fixed expenses for the last 12 months. Treat savings and loan payments as fixed expenses. Go to our site ( and download the book for free to understand the basics and view the video to get a feel for how the online spending planner works.


            It is a very informative posting, those who are in searching for online money management tools, this thread will help them in choosing one.

            Budget calculator


              Hey MoneyMatters,

              Currently it's available for Windows, but will be available for Linux and Mac soon. The framework I used for the software supports all three operating systems, so support really depends on how soon I can get a version of Mac OS X. I plan on purchasing a copy the end of this month and I should have a version for Mac soon after that. If you send me an email ( with yours I can keep you updated or I can message you on this forum.


                Hey croland,

                Your tools both bill tracker and home inventory seems to be simple one from my initial review.I need to check it out fully and happy to recommend to others in my website. Do you think you are open to add functionalities if we give your feedback?