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Need some short-term credit

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    Need some short-term credit

    Im in a cash flow situation, I need about $20k-$50k credit line, or as much as i can get, to last me until the spring/summer.
    My credit score is 718 (experian)
    I own 3 real estate property, total $800,000, mortgage left - $195,000
    my gross income for 2007 was $127,000
    I have 18k credit line on my single credit card, but 16k debt already on it from past purchases.

    What kind of credit should i apply for?

    You've got $600,000 in equity on your properties. I'd borrow against some of that. And if you are done using your CC for purchases you can't afford to pay for each month, I'd borrow enough to pay off that credit card, too.

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