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    What's your credit like? Is it possible to surf this balance to a new credit card?


      My credit scores are in the mid to high 600s. So, not perfect, but not horrible.

      But I have a high amount of debt and the debt to income ratio is so high that I cannot get another credit card at this time.


        Originally posted by inneedofhelp View Post
        I know that they did not do this to me personally, I just feel that it is still wrong that they would do this and on top of it the loan that I had was a fixed monthly payment and a 19% interest rate. They are making a lot of money off of me and I just find their practices, while legal, to be less than appealing.

        First, let me say congratulations. It sounds like you've come a long way, especially if you're doing it all on your own.

        Looking at your above quote, I would challenge you to DO take it personally. You are doing a great job of becoming self sufficient.

        I am also early 30's, but I'm married with 3 kids and my wife doesn't work. I came from a poor background, so I have some grasp of the baggage that can cling to you regarding money and security.

        I haven't had a CC in 6 years. We made the choice not to depend on the CC companies to be there for us. We had days with less than $100 to our name and no CC to fall back on. Our middle child was 5 weeks old a that time. Some scary moments! But it motivated us to cut expenses and make more money.

        It is a very liberating moment when you can look at a simple piece of plastic and say, "I don't need you anymore." Sounds silly doesn't it? But it's true.

        Good luck.


          It sounds like your past has scared you into needing to feel like you have a lot of cushion "just in case." But I think it sounds like you have worked out a budget, have curbed your spending and you also have $2k in savings so I think you should be fine! If not, you can always apply for another credit card or get a 2nd job to increase your savings. Good luck!


            Great advice here that's true Joan.of.the.arch....just reading your posts are inspiring! Well done.

            Hang in there inneedofhelp! You're a very courageous person and a very young one at that. DH and I aren't over the hill yet, but we're climbing and can almost see the top! Life isn't fair and promises and contracts are broken every day; but those who rely or believe in a higher power will not be disappointed!


              i think you have made lots of progress and have a lot to be proud of..

              I had a great boss who always told me "work more in the winter so you can have more fun in the summer, nice weather" . So maybe store up the cash for next few months and take a break in the summer.

              Keep up the good work and take some time to have fun, enjoy life. You deserve it..


                I just want to tell everyone a big thank you for your support. I am feeling 10times better today than I was feeling when I wrote the original post.

                Many of you are so right. I am letting my past experiences keep me afraid and scared. And with so many people losing their jobs and companies closing, I just am scared a bit silly. I also want to thank the poster who said that I need to rely on God. I know I should rely on him and I know that he has really watched over me in tougher times than this, so I need to have faith during these times as well. I think that this is a lesson to 1) watch my spending and 2) stop incurring debt!

                I told my bf this and he was saying that I shouldn't worry as much and to know that I can depend on him if I ever need help. I told him I didn't want to have to do that because he already has enough responsibilities, and I know that he is super stretched to the max in terms of budget as well (plus I make about 3-4x what he does, so I don't feel it would be fair to ask him for help---does that sound wrong?). But I did realize that I have to feel comfortable asking people for help. Something that is very hard for me to do.

                I am trying to get a 2nd part-time job so I can start putting money to savings and increasing my savings. I am also doing good with my diet and that is making me feel good as well.

                thank you everybody for all of your help and support.