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Bank Turns Away Smelly Cash Found In Landfill

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    Bank Turns Away Smelly Cash Found In Landfill

    Bank Turns Away Smelly Cash Found In Landfill - Story Here

    Bundles of cash -- some $46,000 -- were recovered Friday from a Columbus landfill.

    "It was found buried in garbage that had been there for some time," Deputy City Manager Isaiah Hugley said Tuesday. "It had been there for a number of years."

    An employee working alone found the money while moving trash from one area to another. The employee was moving the excess garbage somewhere else because of federal and state regulations restricting how much garbage can be stored in an area.

    He was backhoeing, digging trenches and digging up several bags of garbage when he stopped after apparently spotting the money, police Lt. Gil Slouchick said.

    Hugley said the employee immediately called his supervisor and reported the finding. The money, $20 bills in clear plastic bags, was retrieved.

    At some point, the money was taken to the bank to be deposited, but it smelled horribly, Hugley said. "The bank was obviously concerned with the smell."

    In an attempt to make the money smell better so it could be deposited, the revenue collections division then cleaned the money...