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Bankrupt at 23, One Young Woman's Story

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    Bankrupt at 23, One Young Woman's Story

    Bankrupt at 23: How I survived - 1 - - MSN Money

    This has come up before: even basic financial courses in middle school and high school can at least equip our young adults with some knowledge they can apply to situations they will face. If someone chooses to disregard that knowledge and plow ahead charged with emotion, then they can deal with the consequences themselves.


      From the same person, who says she is a freelance writer--

      "my romantic heart likes to imagine most writers, at least the ones worth giving a damn about, as tortured, flawed beings with a weak spot for bad habits."

      the angry office manager. ....Link supplied not as a recommendation, but only as evidence that she really claims to aspire to having bad habits.

      I found that link becaue MSN Money listed the article or writer as being from, so I wondered if she were a staff writer there, and if so, whether she might in other publications show any credibility at all. Has the MSN Money article been edited to death so that the writer comes off so shallow?
      "There is some ontological doubt as to whether it may even be possible in principle to nail down these things in the universe we're given to study." --text msg from my kid

      "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." --Frederick Douglass