<i>The last time former New York City resident Alan Poster saw his dream car, he was young and it was blue. Nearly four decades later, he's a little grayer and the car has turned silver - but it was love at first sight again as the Corvette somebody swiped in New York was returned to him.

"It's a dream. Wow, this is a beautiful model," Poster said as customs officials unveiled the 1968 sports car. "This is definitely a miracle. Because in speaking to the police, the odds of them finding me were a million to one."

Poster said last week that he won't drive the car much - he has a Mercedes - but he is glad to have it back in his collection.

Poster was living in New York in January 1969, when the car he'd bought for $6,000 three months earlier was stolen from a parking garage. Poster had not insured it against theft because he could not afford to do so...</i> <a href="http://apnews.myway.com/article/20060118/D8F6Q6080.html">Entire Story</a>