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21% Think The Lottery Is The Best Wealth Builder

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    Re: 21% Think The Lottery Is The Best Wealth Builder

    we have 2 different elderly friends, one is a man, who is a hit and miss millionaire,
    the other one is a widow woman, who lives in the past, who live in different locations and they play the
    lottery faithfully and believe they will win is the highlight of their lives.
    i cannot tell them anything, they know more than i do.. like the odds?????
    anyway, our cpa friend did win the lottery once and it cost him a divorce... he did
    some sort of number profiling. like the 2 number comes up more than the other
    numbers and entered all of this into some sort of software.
    another friend won a car from the lottery.. he would go for walks and write down
    random license plate numbers and play them.. his system went something like this, edf2377, he would add 2+3=5 so, he played 5 7+7=14 so, he played 5 on another set of numbers..
    another friend worked at the carry out, drive thru.. she would look at the instant
    numbers and after about 8 hours of selling, she would purchase $50 of instant
    tickets, and most of the time she won $50 back, plus, another $75
    i personally do not play... i call it donating... i did play years ago, picked out 5
    different set of numbers,, only played 3 of them.. one out of the 2 i did not play was a winner... so, i never played again.
    we did have a lottery pool at work going.. but, i don't play it.