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More Hiding Purchases From Partner

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    More Hiding Purchases From Partner

    Even though women feel they are better at managing finances compared to men, more women in relationships say they hide purchases from their spouse/significant others. According to the latest Spending and Saving Tracker from American Express, one in five women who are in a relationship admit to hiding purchases from their partner. The survey also found that overall, three in five people who are in a relationship have hid purchases at one time from their spouse/significant other.

    Other findings:

    Financial conversations are a sore spot for couples… more than 60 percent of those in relationships say money discussions always or most of the time lead to arguments.

    Nearly 30 percent of those in relationships (29 percent) note that finances cause the most stress or anxiety between them and their partner.

    Half of consumers in relationships are driven crazy by their spouse/significant other’s financial habits, with frivolous expenditures being named as the most irritating.

    If they could, nearly three in four Americans in relationships would do something differently from the start in managing their finances if they could. Putting more into savings and investments (48 percent) and spending more responsibility (30 percent) top the list.

    I think both men and women probably do this.

    I think women might be more prone to do so. Especially, if the man has primary control of the finances, or is the primary breadwinner.


      I'm not seeing a link for this. Pretty please?
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        @ Joan.of.the.Arch - it was a press release sent to me so no link -- you should start seeing stories about the study show up in the media soon.