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Fast Food Logos Make You Want To Spend Money

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    Fast Food Logos Make You Want To Spend Money

    Can the sentimental brand association of a logo be so powerful that it inspires consumers to take actions they might not have otherwise intended to take? According to a new University of Toronto study, even a subliminal glimpse of a fast-food logo can make a person more impatient and impulsive with money...

    Another part of the study asked participants to rate the esthetics of four logos. The fast-food group saw logos of McDonald's and KFC in the mix; the control group instead viewed pictures of two generic low-priced diners. Afterward, they were all asked if they would like to receive a higher amount of money in one week or a lower amount of money immediately. Those exposed to the fast-food logos were much more likely to want the money immediately.

    "Fast food seemed to have made made people impatient in a manner that could put their economic interest at risk," the study concludes...

    Fast food makes you think fast

    It's not really some sudden ephipany that marketing tactics actually work. The marketing people would not get paid what they do if it was a waste of time and money for the the companies that employ them.

    Fast food companies want to make you buy right now. This likely does tranfer to other things you buy, I.E., I want it and I want it now!!! B.T.W., it's not just fast food doing this.
    "Those who can't remember the past are condemmed to repeat it".- George Santayana.