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800k Families Say Goodbye to Cable TV

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    800k Families Say Goodbye to Cable TV

    Nearly 800,000 households in the U.S. have "cut the cord," dumping their cable, satellite, or telco TV providers (such as AT&T U-verse or Verizon FiOS) and turning instead to Web-based videos (like Hulu), downloadable shows (iTunes), by-mail subscription services (Netflix), or even good ol' over-the-air antennas for their favorite shows, according to the report...

    Nearly 800,000 U.S. TV households 'cut the cord,' report says - Yahoo! News




      Seriously I'm all for the fall of cable TV. People need to look at what they watch every month and compare that to what is available online. Are the remaining TV-only shows worth the $50+ per month? Probably not.

      I helped a friend become one of those people


        If it wasn't on our 58 Plasma HD TV we bought last year, would have opt out cable altogether too.
        Got debt?


          I am married to a video-phile, and we both love our high quality digital cable (surewest at the moment - amazing quality and customer service).

          But I can still jump on board this thread, and agree.

          Hell if we would support the likes of Comcash, Dish, or DirectTV. Terrible, terrible companies.

          & no, I don't identify with the masses who think cable is a "need." We didn't buy cable until our income was six figures. We lived plenty of years without it, and considering the state of the industry, we will probably go the likes of NEtflix and Hulu for the long haul. I highly doubt we will pay for cable forever. My spouse is always keeping an eye out for better, more affordable options.

          If not for Surewest, we'd ditch "cable," too. I say amen for people waking up and not supporting these monopolies.


            I dumped by cable TV in October 2008 and enjoy the $75/month in savings.