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5 Cent Bag Tax Reduces Plastic Bags 7 Fold

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    5 Cent Bag Tax Reduces Plastic Bags 7 Fold

    The District's 5-cent bag tax generated about $150,000 during the month of January to help clean up the Anacostia River, even though residents have dramatically scaled back their use of disposable bags, according a report city officials issued Monday.

    In its first assessment of how the new law is working, the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue estimates that city food and grocery establishments issued about 3.3 million bags in January, which suggests a remarkable decrease. Prior to the bag tax taking effect Jan 1, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer had estimated that about 22.5 million bags were being issued per month in 2009...

    D.C. Wire - Bag tax raises $150,000, but far fewer bags used

    I think a lot more people, us included, have shifted to reusable bags. We have a bunch of them that we've gotten free one way or another. We don't use them every time because we forget or leave them home or in the car, and sometimes we buy more than will fit in the bags we've brought in, but we've definitely reduced our plastic bag usage significantly.

    * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
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      We use reusable bags all the time. I have found that by using them, I have created less work for myself. No plastic bags coming in the house means that there is less work storing them and returning them for recycling. Several stores also give you a 5 or 6 cents off for each bag. I have purchased a few, but most were free. I figured that they paid for themselves and are now paying me to use them.

      And, even better, where I bought the bags has a lifetime guarantee. So, as they wear out, they will replace them for free. How cool is that!!


        We've switched to reusable bags here as well. One thing that would help the disposable bag situation is if, when you purchase 7 items, they didn't put them into 5 bags. I used to work as a cashier/bagger, so I know that the bags can only hold so much, and stores will generally separate chemicals from food ... but sometimes the extra bags are just plain overkill.


          I keep our reusable bags in our car. After groceries are unloaded, we stack them back up and put them in the car, usually the front seat so I can see them. It is a habit at this point. Target gives us a 5 cent discount for each bag we use. Of course, I notice they seem to want to pack more into each bag, even though I have plenty. Maybe they don't want to give me the exra 5 cents?

          The other day, I noticed I was down to three plastic bags. Three! I do still need them for kitty litter disposal but it is nice not to have too many of those hanging around.
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