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Man get arrested for putting coins in parking meters

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    Man get arrested for putting coins in parking meters

    Here's an interesting question. Should it be illegal to put coins in other people's parking meters?

    Man Arrested For Filling Expired Meters - Video - KCCI Des Moines

    Haha, that'll teach these parking vigilantes not to go above the law and coin other people's machines!

    OK, bad joke.

    Seriously though, it basically comes down to city ordinance, although I personally can't imagine why such an act would be illegal. In our city, it's perfectly legal to do that. Why wouldn't it? It's your money. Feel free to feed any meter you like, as often as you like.


      Well one of the reasons traffic congested areas have parking meters is to ration the parking spaces through time. In other words, parking meters have limits on them not just to get another quarter from the car owner (or to collect ticket money if the meter expires) but to allow the next person to have a chance to come along, park for a while, and conduct their business. If coins keep getting fed to keep one car in place, then others needing the spot never get a chance. I think my city has not only timed meters, but an absolute limit on how long you may park there.

      Even so, I think it is a kind thing to want to help out an unknown stranger with their parking meter about to expire.

      There was a guy who called himself Robin Hood who fed parking meters like this and left notes to the owners. Some would then send him money in appreciation for his surprise meter feeding. He made a profit. I think that was in Chicago about 1970. He, too, got arrested.
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        Originally posted by Joan.of.the.Arch View Post
        I think my city has not only timed meters, but an absolute limit on how long you may park there.
        In that case, a car parked too long would generate a ticket for the owner of the vehicle, but it still shouldn't be illegal for a well-meaning stranger to put money in the meter since he/she would have no idea how long the car had been parked.

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          I found the charges interesting... (a) "Harassment" and (b) "obstruction of government administration"

          a) okay, maaaaybe, but harassment charges generally require multiple incidents. Sounds more like he was approached by the "parking enforcement officer" once, then he later approached her (once) and said essentially "I think your job is dumb".

          b) a.k.a. "Preventing the city from collecting ticket revenue".

          If it were me and I wanted to be spiteful, I would fight the charges. Read into the law outlining "obstruction of gov't admin" and figure out if they really could be adequately applied. Same with harassment. A quick call to the ACLU would immediately draw attention and legal assistance, and the city would either bend, or fight a quite possibly losing battle.

          Eugene, OR is a pretty.... "interesting" city as it is, so seeing a story like this out of there doesn't surprise me.

          **NOTE: Normally I feel pretty sourly about the ACLU, but in certain circumstances, they can have their uses. Sorry, does that sound to Machiavellian?
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