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    Cook For Good

    Cook for Good if you want to save money by cooking and eating delicious food. You'll be doing good, too: good for your health, good for your family, and good for your community and your planet.

    Eat well on an average of just $1.07 cents a meal for the regular plan and only $1.73 for the "green" plan which uses mostly organic or sustainably raised ingredients (prices from November 2009 using the winter menu). The cart cost for the thrifty ingredients comes out to just $1.20 a meal, 79 cents less per meal than the food-stamp allowance in North Carolina. The cart cost shows how much you'd actually have to spend at the grocery store buying everything on the shopping lists, even though you will have some ingredients left over, such as part of a bottle of oil. Even the cart cost for the green ingredients averages just $1.94 per meal, a nickel less than the food-stamp allowance...

    Cook for Good - Save money. Eat well. Do good.

    This has some interesting recipes...the whole idea of stocking a pantry and making stuff more cheaply and healthier rocks!


      wow. how carbolicious:
      cook the beans, make two kinds of pasta sauce plus pizza sauce, cookies or cake, salad, two loaves of bread, and pizza, plus a few baked potatoes or roasted vegetables to make best use of the oven.
      Although I agree with the concept. I have been cutting up vegetables and freezing them. I'll get three peppers (red, yellow and red), cut them all up, use 1/3 of them in the recipe I am making that night, and have two bags ready for two other meals. Usually I'll use them up within a week or two, so I don't bother blanching. I'll get two zucchini and do the same.

      Since I've started concentrating on making enough supper to be able to take to work for lunch the next day, we have really spent a lot less on the food budget. And cutting out carbs and sweets (per doctor's orders) has also helped, though pasta, rice and bread are now out, which make cheap meals a bit tough.

      Good thing we have half a beef in the freezer!


        Cooking is my hobby and I make sure my family gets the best food


          I agree

          I am a firm believer in this remedy. In fact, I even started another thread on this issue in another topic. Cooking at home is healthy, economical and very personal.