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Fox orders real-life 'Someone's Gotta go' layoff competition series

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  • Fox orders real-life 'Someone's Gotta go' layoff competition series

    Fox is planning to air a reality series that shows workers fighting to keep from being laid off at their companies, The Hollywood Reporter said.

    The working title for the unscripted, hour-long series is "Someone's Gotta Go."


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    This is television worth 'going postal' over!? I cannot imagine that a small business would turn all of its personnel records over to FAUX hacks - could any business survive after this was broadcast? Would you shop at/use any business that treated its employees like that?

    It is just too much for words (but I could go on and on)!
    I YQ YQ R


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      That is terrible. If I had to accept my laying-off with television cameras in my face, I wouldn't sign the release. That was a terrible experience, and I wouldn't want half the free world watching me try to pretend it didn't matter. I hope people boycott.