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Went Off The Beaten Path And Up 100k

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    Went Off The Beaten Path And Up 100k

    After creating my robinhood account and started investing into individual stocks(mostly tech), I have beaten the S&P after one year. Of course from the massive negative 1600 dow drops and NK's missile launches, I had to sit through a lot of crap stomaching crazy losses along the way. But I guess you never lose if you don't sell, and always ended up buying the dip instead.

    Total invested: 270k throughout the year.
    Total asset from said investment: 370k

    Winners (up > 100%): Amazon, SHOP, BZUN, Match
    Did well(up > 30%): AMD
    Lame ducks (flat or down): Chipotle,

    Missed opportunies(sold early. lost money even, but stock multibagged after selling): AXON, Twitter

    Any stock picking methods you like better than others?

    I've heard of IBD - their CANSLIM approach seems good go me.

    I also like motley fool stock adviser, supposedly their forums and picks are pretty decent.


      Can't really say if I follow a strategy picking stocks since I'm long. I have learned that even if a company is making massive amounts of money and can potentially change still have to sit through all the hit pieces and manipulations.

      I listen to a lot of Motely Fool's Rule breakers and basically just follow that strategy. Make sure the company brings lot of value to the world and buy the dips while holding long.

      I also beat myself up since I'm really good at buying high and selling low type deal. To counter buying high, I have been buying a little amounts of shares daily to dollar cost average since robinhood doesn't charge a commission. However I do end up getting really excited and afraid of missing out and sometimes buy way too much just to bag hold and then average down.


        Are you going to realize your $100K gain, or are you staying invested?

        Might be a good opportunity to roll it into a different investment.


          I realized some of the gains, hoping to get back in from a dip. Honestly I am long on these stock picks since none of them has a div or any kind of decent P/E. They are all ultra growth stocks.

          I think I'm good with my current individual stock pick limits. All future savings will go most likely toward index funds. They are indeed way less stressful.


            Second time today reading about Robinhood accounts. What is that all about?


              It's an app based trading account with zero commission. The limitations include needing to wait a few days to have the account cleared with your money when you deposit and after you sell a stock.

              If you upgrade it to the 10 dollars/month version, then you will no longer have to wait for money to clear if you sell a stock(but same limitation still applies to deposits, but you get 2k to use immediately).

              The best thing about robin hood is that I can buy a very small amount of shares to average up or down. I can buy 10 shares @ 10 dollars a share every 5 mins if I want to. Using vanguard, I usually dump a bunch into a stock just to make commission worth it.


                Thank you, I never heard of it before.