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Solo's Impact on Disney Stock

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    Solo's Impact on Disney Stock

    Solo: A Star Wars Story isn't doing that great at the box office. It opened yesterday and isn't doing well domestically or internationally.

    Given that ESPN has been losing subscribers and given that the films potential profits are baked into DIS's share price, do you guys think the film's failure will impact Disney's short term valuation?

    No, I don't think it will impact the short term valuation. It doesn't have terrible ratings by Rotten Tomatoes although it seems the critics (70%) like it better than the average person (60%). It's too soon to call it a failure--maybe disappointing opening weekend box office.

    I think Black Panther might make up for it, though.

    And, there's also Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool2....


      A single motion picture is but a minuscule part of the Disney's bottom line. If the thing didn't earn a dollar, I don't know that Disney would otherwise know the difference.
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