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    Thanks Steve for calling that poster out. If stocks are iffy for someone new to investing, investing in metals, I would think, is even more iffy! Lots to know with that as well and I would think it would something you invest it when other investments are up and going well.

    @Nethergona - When I started investing again (after losing most of my investment money to ex-husbands), I looked into companies that I was familiar with. For me I wanted a few things, not necessarily would everyone agree with me on this, but because I have a lot of time to make up for and not a whole lot of money, every stock I invested in had to pay dividends. That way I would get more shares even if I was in a year where there wasn't any extra to add to my portfolio. I also needed to have some acquaintance to a company. The one that I didn't follow that rule, I ended up selling it all 2 years later, after dividends, etc for $30+ less than what I bought it for. But my other shares, one is my favorite candy maker, my local bank that is my bank, and my telephone supplier. Because of the changes that my company that is holding my stocks is changing in a month or so, I also sold out all my shares of one stock that is down a lot, not that I didn't think it won't go back up, but this was my chance to sell it out without having to pay fees.

    Currently my pure stocks portfolio is up 23.8% and my Roth IRA mostly invested in a mutual fund is up 15.47%. So if I sold them all today or tomorrow, I would have made money. I am hoping to give these accounts time to grow. But by dealing with companies I know, if I go to my local bank and find that things are getting seedy, that they are no longer getting those JD Powers awards yearly, the tellers are surly, and things just aren't right, I might give them a bit of time, but if things don't improve, I can sell them out since in my mind when something looks nasty on the outside, it is usually rotten to the core. Businesses that are rotten stop making real money or you just can't trust them as they are so busy decorating the face of the company with thick make-up to hid the rot. Not my cup of tea. Just my philosophy on investing in the stock market. You probably won't find it in any book at all. But I sleep at night and don't worry about my money.