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Anybody going to invest in Blue Apron?

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    Originally posted by Gaston View Post
    There seems to be no bottom to this stock. Maybe under 5$ would be a reasonable price for the stock?
    Why would any price be "reasonable" for a company that is losing money with no signs of that ever changing?

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      Originally posted by MooseBucks View Post
      They've come out and said they aren't profitable now, they got more customers and are losing a higher amount of money and they don't think they can ever be profitable. I don't know why Blue Apron would be a good investment.
      Company representatives have actually said this?
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        Doesn't look good for APRN, not so much because their stock tanked but because of the possible competition from Amazon, who recently acquired whole foods, and other store-to-door delivery systems. Heck, even my local grocery store is putting together dinner "kits" with instructions.


          Just because Amazon bought Whole Foods, doesn't seem to me to be a reason to also pick up the dinners in a box Idea. Amazon likes having lots of warehouses, all over the country and you just can't be shipping food here there and everywhere without spoilage. Grocery Stores work on a narrow margin already, so it seems like it would be even a more narrow margin to do the dinner thing because it takes more than food, it takes cooks to develop these recipes, people to pack the stuff, guys to do the advertising and promoting, etc. An expensive proposition on all fronts. Oh yeah the packing. I do Amazon reviews, and one of things I was so looking forward to getting was some Hershey nuggets and they arrived a melted mess. If Amazon can't send out some chocolate without it melting, or even thinking that it might melt sitting in a mailbox on a warm sunny winter day, how are they going to send fish and meat?