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Are there any great new checking account promotions?

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    Are there any great new checking account promotions?

    i intend to open a second checking account and hope some knows of banks or a website which might list banks currently offering promotions, specifically money, to people who open a new account. Can anyone help?

    Not sure where you are but in my area LOCAL cu and banks have some very attractive offers.

    I opened with a local CU in Aug that paid 4% interest on checking through the end of year.
    This was not greatly advertised but came with a bonus of money to new account holder and the member who referred them.
    Most money offerings come with a catch like direct deposit/ using your debit card x amount of times a month/ using bill pay etc. Often the money is not there until in my case 90 days had passed.


      #3 (bank accounts tab)

      You can also try walking in to a branch if any new ones have opened in your neighborhood to ask if they are running any promotions. I recently got $250 that way.

      As Smallsteps says, it's important to pay attention to: requirements to get the bonus, how to avoid paying a monthly fee, when you will receive the bonus, and when you can close the account without incurring an "early closing fee" or losing the bonus.


        Checkout the Hustler Money Blog's Bank Promo section, the site has everything laid out by state, bank, and amount....I use it all the time to open up accounts.


          Genisys credit Union started a newnew checking account with an attractive rate. 4.06% for the first 7500 in your account (I think only .05 or .5 % after that.)

          I think the stipulation is you have to make 10 debit transactions a month. The bonus is you get rewards, although I don't know the reward details v.s. a credit card (must be better for CC I imagine)

          i only found this because I happen to be a member. But I plan on switching over tomorrow. I don't see any downside compared to their checking I already use (with zero interest rate). It'll be nice to get the extra $25 ish a month!

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