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Spider ETF in mining and metals ticker XME

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    Spider ETF in mining and metals ticker XME

    I'm planning to invest $8000 in the spider ETF in metals & mining, XME. This 5 year graph shows that it traded at a high of $70 in 2011, today it's $28. Would this be considered buying low and possibly selling high? And would investing in the XME be like fools gold, it looks good but really it is not.

    It could be buying low, but it could be catching a falling knife.

    Commodities may not have bottomed, and even if they have, there is no guarantee of a fast recovery.

    How is this fund trading against its peers? At a premium or a discount?

    You'll get a little bit of a dividend out of this, but not much. 2% or so.

    Why are you looking at natural resource ETFs?

    You might be better off looking at MLPs if you are bargain shopping energy.