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Best ways for building company credit?

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    Best ways for building company credit?

    Hey all,

    Anyone have some good advice for building credit in my LLC? When I created the bank accounts for the LLC, the bank asked if I wanted to apply for credit under the company. He said at the time, I didn't have the personal finance necessary to get approved.

    The company is a small consulting company. I'm the only "employee" and I sub out to contractors for the work. I'd eventually like to use this company to run property investment/rehab through, and would like to start building credit so that eventually, the company can fund the endeavors and take the risks rather than me as the individual.

    The company is profitable, with a two-year contract for 22.5k per year. Nothing huge, but profit nonetheless.

    Should I continue to apply for company credit with different companies? Visa was the initial "no", before the company had any income. Thought I might try AMEX, and perhaps Home Depot for credit with them.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks all!