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A rave about Mayo Clinic

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    A rave about Mayo Clinic

    My wife had been battling undiagnosed nausea for almost two years. Literally vomiting several times a day for the last year. To the point that I thought she would die because her weight had gotten so low. This doctor, that doctor, go to the hospital run a test, then to back to this doctor, then to that doctor. The healthcare delivery system is typically such a keystone cops exercise, and is obscenely expensive simultaneous.

    Then she went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Flew to Minneapolis, got off the plane, and boarded the "Rochester shuttle" for a nominal charge. Off to Rochester where she stayed in a hotel connected to Mayo.

    Her appointment was at 8am on Monday. Guess what? She was there, and the doctor was actually ready to see her right then - actually running on schedule. He told her "We will likely have you diagnosed and on your way home one week from today, but here is the menu of things we will be doing with you this week." He spent over an hour with her.

    That week, Mayo did every imaginable test, with no hour of the week left for downtime. On the next Monday, they gave her a diagnosis and sent her on her way back to Texas.

    About 30 days later, we received our bill from Mayo: $7700. I thought "it has to be missing a digit", so I called and asked them had there been an error or if this was just part of the bill?" They replied "No, we try to keep things very transparent and affordable as many of our patients are paying with cash."

    I wrote them a check and that was the end of it. Meanwhile, my wife is well.

    If you're sick, I mean really sick, don't screw around with the three stooges in your home town who are doing to do nothing for you except trying to hose you and your insurance company.

    Buy you a $400 round trip flight to Minneapolis and do things the Mayo way.

    That is the way free enterprise is supposed to work.
    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

    -George Carlin

    This is truly a good news post! So they found the root cause of your wife's problems, not just a cover up of medications? Money very well spent.
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      I'm glad it all went well and I hope she's feeling better.

      I have heard good things about Mayo. And the fact that she was an outpatient kept costs down a lot as so much of a bill is for inpatient care. Much cheaper to stay in a hotel since she didn't have a condition that warranted being admitted.

      This is the same reason why medical tourism has become such big business, people flying off to other countries for their treatment at a fraction of the cost, but I'd rather go to Minnesota than a less developed country.

      * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
      * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
      * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


        Their MRI charge was about 73% less than what the local hospital here charged.
        Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

        -George Carlin


          wow, what a great story! so rare to read a positive healthcare experience. I'm glad your wife is better.

          The first year that I had an extremely rapid pulse and an inaudible BP and fell on my face when I stood up, no one seemed to be able to diagnose me. My shrink actually suggested going to this famous place in Boston (forgot the name just now) where they assess you soup to nuts in a week. The catch, they take no insurance and requires a 25k commitment. I was ready to do it because I had literally lost any semblance of a life, when a friend of a friend who is a cardiologist diagnosed me in two seconds over the phone and hooked me up with a cardiologist here that specializes in POTs.

          It shouldn't be so hard or so expensive to get diagnosed with relatively "easy" things. My first cardiologist should've been able to figure it out or asked a peer to assist him. And my shrink shouldn't have had to be back seat driving my cardiac health. Ridiculous.