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Shop your 24 hour holter monitor!

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    Shop your 24 hour holter monitor!

    About a year ago, my son became convinced that he had an irregular heartbeat. His pediatrician said "you do not", but he wouldn't let it go. On the 2nd visit to the doctor, she said "look, he's really obsessed about this - let's just fit him with a 24 hour holter monitor and show him that he does not have an irregular heart beat."

    Fair enough. But having a high deductible, I knew we would be paying out of pocket for this. So I called our "preferred provider" hospital, and their discounted rate, cash price for a 24 holter monitor was $1,200 plus a reading fee. I explained that I wasn't wanting to BUY the monitor, just use it for 24 hours! Nevertheless, that was the price.

    So I did a little shopping around. I made four phone calls - two to other hospitals, and 2 to a couple of cardiology clinics. Voila! I reached a cardiology clinic that quoted me $140 for the 24 hour holter monitor and that INCLUDED the reading fee. This clinic was NOT a preferred provider for my plan.

    The moral of the story is that when a hospital quotes you a cash price for something, it is quite possible that they are fleecing you out of your mind. And don't assume that your "in network" provider is providing you the best deal. SHOP AROUND!
    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

    -George Carlin

    Really, healthcare goods and services are no different than any other goods or services. You need to shop around.

    Getting that Holter monitor or CPAP machine is no different than getting your car's transmission replaced or putting a new roof on your house. You need to get a few estimates and choose the best deal. The problem is that most people just don't think that way but they need to.

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