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My Husband Lost HIs Job And I'm Considering Leaving Him

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    Originally posted by myrdale View Post

    I have a close friend who has done home remodeling work for a guy who is a Delta pilot. This guy also invested heavily on BitCoin years ago and has supposedly made millions from that. My friend said this guy has three separate girl friends. Each one was given a credit card a $5,000 a month budget to spend on what ever they please. He supposedly has lights wired up in the yard to change the color shined on the house so the girlfriends know who is to stop in that evening and who is to keep going. I know it sounds crazy, but he says it is the truth.
    People do crazy things. This is totally within the bounds of possibility.


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      lol, if you believe that story.... Then I have Ocean front Real estate in Arizona to sell you. (this reeks of "fabricated to generate a emotional reaction")