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The joys of home ownership - TIMES TWO!

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  • james.hendrickson
    No doubt, I have like six things I'm constantly fixing in the single condo unit I have.

    This is why, when you own a portfolio of self managed rental properties, you need to hire help. Its hard to scale without it.

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  • disneysteve
    started a topic The joys of home ownership - TIMES TWO!

    The joys of home ownership - TIMES TWO!

    Just in case managing one house wasn't bad enough with the constant maintenance and repairs, I've now got two houses to deal with. I'm staying at my late cousin's house and of course the AC hasn't been working properly. I wasn't 100% sure at first but the past day it got worse and I was positive there was a problem. I called this morning and fortunately they were able to send someone out. He's here now. It appears to just be a clogged drain pipe that was backing up and triggering the shut off float switch so it should be back up and running momentarily.

    It just never ends when you have a house - or two.