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Moving can be a mess

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  • Moving can be a mess

    Moving can really be a mess if not planned well. i heard some stories from some friends that they say that moving is really a nightmare.... a mess, an awful nightmare if you want to have an effective move, choose the right moving company.

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    There's a few ways you can save some money on moving.

    1. Get friends to chip in. Especially friends with their own cars. If you organise it far enough in advance and move at the weekend, people should be around to help out. And buying some pizza and been is much cheaper than hiring a moving company.

    2. If you do use a moving company, shop around for the best deal. But make sure they are a reputable outfit, you don't want stuff being damaged, or worse, disappearing.

    3. get used boxes from shops, friends/family or gumtree, instead of buying them from a storage place

    4. try to overlap move in and move out dates by as little as possible, so as to avoid paying double the rent

    5. adjust the previous tenant's utility payments to suit your own needs, for example a 4 person family lived in my flat and I don't use as much electricity or gas on my own

    6. make sure to apply for the sole occupant council tax discount, if living alone

    7. if you don't have space for your things, declutter and purge, rather than pay for storage space

    8. live in your space a while before deciding to buy lots of new things. figure out what you actually need and then see if family/friends have extras or look on gumtree for used items, rather than buying new

    9. close out any old accounts for utilities, etc. so direct debits stop and any refunds come through as soon as possible


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      TMBGfan has alot of great suggestions. I'll also add that you want to be as organized as possible. If you can have an itemized list of all of your possessions (some even photograph everything), that will benefit you immensely in the event something is broken or missing. And as mentioned, a good 'purge' of your stuff will make the move MUCH easier, because you'll only move the stuff you really want/need.
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