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Best Cash back/Miles Rewards Credit Card

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    Best Cash back/Miles Rewards Credit Card

    My husband and I have been using only a debit card the past few years for all payments/purchases. I know many people on this site regularly use credit cards and pay them off at the end of the month. I would like to start doing this but I am looking for the best cash back or miles rewards cards out there. Any help you have is greatly appreciated.

    I am going to search on google now the same question, but I figured you might be able to provide me better some better info.

    Thanks in advance!!

    After looking through some of the credit cards, I think I may just stick with cash back. It seems you might get more for your money with airline miles but there's way too many restrictions and fees associated (or at least it seems that way).


      Originally posted by guppy View Post
      After looking through some of the credit cards, I think I may just stick with cash back. It seems you might get more for your money with airline miles but there's way too many restrictions and fees associated (or at least it seems that way).
      I also prefer cash-back cards, just so I that I don't have to worry about accumulating enough 'points' to cash in. I primarily use Charles Schwab's "Invest First" credit card--2% back on everything, goes directly to investments.

      However, another option you should look into is airline and/or hotel rewards programs. It sounds like you fly/travel enough to make an airline card worth having? If you don't want to actually get an airline card, join their frequent-flier programs. You get credited for all of your flights, and can also accumulate points by staying with partnered hotels, using partner rental companies, and even shopping online in some cases, through their websites.
      I'm staying long-term in a hotel right now, so I joined their rewards program. Instead of getting points to use within their hotel chain and partners, they also offer the option to have airline miles credited to my frequent flier account -- this is what I'm taking advantage of, and quite lucratively if I may add... By the time I check out, I'll have earned 8000 free miles.
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        I think it is important to find a reward program that is useful and meaningful to you. We mainly use a Marriott Visa as we travel a fair amount and like the Marriott chain. Just this week, we spent a free night near New York City on points. We usually get a free vacation about every other year. One year it was 5 days in Boston, then 4 days in San Francisco then 10 days in New Hampshire. Right now, we've got enough points for 4-5 more days in addition to the night we just used.

        We also use a Discover card for cash back, but only to take advantage of the 5% bonus purchases they offer each quarter.

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          Just a note about travel cards - not all rewards are flights/hotels. I have a United Visa that I've used for gift cards, electronics, camera etc. United has a full on e-mall that you can shop from w/ your points. For the flights, I've never had problems getting my first requested dates.

          Some debit cards have great rewards programs too - Wachovia comes to mind, but I'm not sure how that will shake out w/ the WF merger this spring.


            We primarily use a cashback Citi Mastercard. To tell the truth, I've forgotten how much it rebates on what purchases, but we get a few hundred a year back on it. We recently used Discover for its limited period boosted rebate on grocery purchases. My DH has an American Express card that returns hotel stays, but this one is not heavily used. I guess we get two or three nights a year on that.

            We definitely find these cards worth it. I prefer credit cards to debit. I normally leave the debit cards at home unless I know I need to use it to fulfill minimum use agreements (which allows my checking account to earn good interest rate).
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              Rewards Cards

              Fidelity also has good cash rewards cards. I have both a Visa and an Amex card from them. The Amex card is a 2% cash back on everything, and they transfer that right into your Fidelity investment account whenever you click in the "transfer now" button in increments of $50 I believe.

              In terms of debit cards, you might want to look for a high yield checking account if you make enough transactions per month. You can find 5% or so on high yield checking as long as you make 10 purchases/mo, 1 deposit and receive electronic statements.

              IMHO cash rewards and high interest is more useful than travel rewards because there's generally no restriction on when you can use cash I have travel awards in multiple airline and hotel programs that are blocked out at the times I want to travel.


                I have a chase rewards card that gives you 3% back in cash at home improvement stores. Since my dh is a builder, we usually get back $50 every month.