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A new American Dream?

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    A new American Dream?

    I posted an article about the mortage default and now renting as the new way of living.

    But that got me thinking. Maybe renting is actually a new "american dream". Not because of affordability, or mortage defaulting. But because of us becoming a nation of mobile workers.

    Do you think that the future holds that people will end up having to move where the work is? More of a transient lifestyle out of necessity?

    I'm sorta living that now. During the week, I'm out of state going to the work. On the weekends, I'm home. But I can't image doing that with a family situation.

    But I can see legions of people moving for a 12month assignment, then moving again to another one in a different place. Makes no sense to own a home if you are living like that.

    Is that the future?

    It could be but I hope not. HOwever, I think the govt wants more transient and out of work people as it promotes their absolute dependence upon the govt. The govt is intentionally creating an economy and reality of poverty which then puts themselves in the position of total control over your life. And, sorry, but govt is all about power, pure and simple and ever govt since the beginning of time was all about consolidating power to itself. "Helping the people" is just the ruse they use to get people on board.
    So, unfortunately, yes, I think the economy is going to crash and burn under the present policies. I think that if we continue down this road, there is no recovery from it and the reality of life is simply going to be survivial.


      I think there are have always been people who moved to find jobs so I am not sure that has really increased all that much (though we definitely do not work for the same employer for as long as we used to). I do think that home ownership was oversold to people and renting is a more natural fit for the more transient population.

      People who live in or near large cities with low unemployment probably won't need to be transient to stay employed though.


        I rented out my 4 bedroom home to a nice family a year ago, and have since been totally mobile; going to where ever the project is. The money is very good, and the cost of living very low, and great tax benefits too. In this lifestyle I manage to save around $6,000/month after paying my living expenses and bills...and I love it too.

        I think this is a great way to live, and see the country, however not for a parent with under 18 aged kids still at home. I collect rent from several real-estate rentals and where ever I find the work, I rent a room or part of a house in that area. I just need 5-7 more years of this existence and I can check out, and live the dream.

        Cschin4, I'm no lover of the government either, but I don't think the US gov is trying to centralize power, nor take over our lives. This is not to suggest I approve of the Obama admin, nor am I a democrat (aka socialist). If you want to see where this is really happening, go to Russia, the world's newest "democracy". And the government didn't mess up our current economy....WE DID ourselves....greed, stupidity, and trying to keep up with the Jones did the US economy in. Of course the government didn't help, but to give it so much blame is to excuse all the idiots that bought houses they could not afford, cars they could not afford nor justify, middle class trying to act rich. Of course the real-estate industry has blame too, but again not as much as the general population.


          There's nothing wrong with renting.
          If you don't have the time,money and willingness to do your own repairs, renting is the better option.
          Many Baby Boomers got in to trouble because they see their house as an investment.
          The generation coming up will know better.


            To respond to CSchin4's comments...

            In 1929 the American stock market crashed. 40% of it's value was lost. Banks failed, people lost their life savings. Europe stopped buying American products, farm income dropped 50%. The bubble had burst! Congress chose to raise taxes on imported goods which made conditions even worse. Businesses failed and closed. Factories shut down, unemployment soared to 25%; wages dropped 60%. With 1/4 of Americans unemployed and no social programs people were suffering hunger, poverty and in extreme condition for the period 1930 - 1939.

            This contagion was exported to Europe which made conditions even worse. Our grandparents were desperate for help and FDR started the 1st of the 'socialist' programs called 'The New Deal.' Poverty played a part in the cause and effect of what ultimately was called WWII. America was able to supply goods to that war effort yanking open factories and creating jobs. After December 6th Americans joined the armed services for jobs, jobs, jobs. Since the men were no longer available...the women took on factory jobs and life has been mostly prosperous with a few blips here and there...until now.

            The government is trying to be helpful but when you put 4 economists in a get 5 opinions. The current situation will be discussed by historians for the next 50 years.
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              but I don't think the US gov is trying to centralize power, nor take over our lives.

              Really? Is that why we have thousands upon thousands of regulations from anything and everything? Is there anything in your life that the govt is now not involved in? You can't even have a yard sale here unless you get a permit and pay a tax to do so. Govt by its very nature is naturally going to centralize power. And, as people yell "do something" to the govt instead of doing for themselves it becomes more so. And, the real effort of citizens is to buck this trend and desire of govts to control.


                I don't support this idea of a conspiracy by the govt either. It may end up happening, but none of them are smart enough to pull it off by intent.

                Unfortunately, I think that the current state of affairs is simply because of this pervasive attitude by people of " I've got mine, so screw you". Greed on all levels - rich bankers, ambitious politicians, greedy investors and brokers - has caused this mess. Since everyone can't behave themselves - or in many cases - can't even be decent to other people, then the govt has to set up rules and regulations. Often after all the damage has been done. And there is always somebody that isn't happy about it. And it costs us all in the end.

                Heard an interesting viewpoint on Squawk Box yesterday. Former Gov. Jeb Bush was on and saying the way out of this is immigration policy - grow the population - I suppose with lots of poor, uneducated immigrants - so we can support growth in the economy thru shear increase in the population. That's quite a scary proposition. Think that would make things better?


                  government intentions aside...My husband did work for 8 yrs on those 6 month assignment jobs always in a different state- after about year 6 we were both craving some stability. Not to mention we actually had to rent two places (a home base where our "stuff" was- like furniture and mementos) and then a small 1 bdroom apt during work assignments. So if America goes major transient (which I dont see happening due to expenses and kids)- America will get very homebound soon enough. It might be cyclical- but really- most cities/towns have enough jobs to support its population lon term. In cases like Michigan and Detroit- workers leave but settle where there is a job, and once again MI and Detroit have enough jobs to support its population.


                    I don't support this idea of a conspiracy by the govt either. It may end up happening, but none of them are smart enough to pull it off by intent.

                    I didn't say it was a conspiracy but the natural bent of govt to expand and bloat itself. You see things one way and I see them the other. So, I am planning my life according to what I believe is coming down the pike which is deeper recession, job losses and a terrible economy that will take years to recover. The only thing our current POTUS has done is spend money and write checks. Sorry, that isn't going to cut it. If there was some great new initiative such as drilling for new oil in Anwar, opening up coal mining or developing nuclear energy, then I would say we had a very bright future indeed. However, there is NO new industry being developed and much of it is going overseas. That is what I see.


                      We are all urban nomads. It makes no sense to call anywhere home. The WORLD is our playground.


                        Urban nomad? Not me and mine! I must have roots, literally and metaphorically. I have made one move between US states in my life and would hope never to repeat it. If I would ever have to move to another city, I would hope it would be only temporary.

                        I fear we would be a much bigger mess without permanent communities. It sounds awful to me.
                        "There is some ontological doubt as to whether it may even be possible in principle to nail down these things in the universe we're given to study." --text msg from my kid

                        "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." --Frederick Douglass


                          I agree with Joan. Being part of a community is an important part of life and offers a quality of life you can't recreate if you're always moving.


                            I have been moving all over the world for the past few years with my wife. That's when we realize that the world really is just one place. Its as big as your heart is.


                              Well i think many people still want houses but the reality is they cant afford them and these banks and real estate agents sweet talk them into thinking they can do it.

                              Alot of people who own homes should be renting and saving more money first. I think alot of people will be moving to cheaper areas as well. For example in north carolina the cost of living is half of what it is in ny.

                              You can get an apartment twice as nice and half the cost.