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    Budget Comparison

    I'm constantly overhauling my budget to fine tune it and pay down debt and save more. Just wondering how all of your budgets look. If you don't feel comfortable posting real numbers, you can just let me know percentages you pay towards certain areas (savings, retirement, mortgage, food, etc.)

    I'm still at work now, but I'll be back later to post my numbers. If anyone else wants to get started, get to it!

    Total Monthly Combined Income
    (after taxes and max 401k): 7784.56

    Mortgage: 2156.45
    Average Electric: 350.00
    Average Water/Garbage: 55.00
    Car Insurance: 208.62
    Other Insurance: 45.80
    Cable/Phone/Internet: 150.00
    Cell Phone 38.00
    Propane 20.00


    Total Fixed Charges: 3023.87

    Residual: 4760.69

    Variable Charges

    Auto Gasoline & Maint. (cars paid): 400.00
    Food (normal Groceries): 600.00
    Dining Out: 200.00
    Hobbies: 200.00


    Residual: 3360.69

    Other Income

    Yearly Bonus/12 2000.00


    Total Monthly Funds For Saving: 5360.69

    Sticking to this fairly well...except hobby (boating) is eating up more than the $200 a month atm


      Originally posted by KTP View Post

      Sticking to this fairly well...except hobby (boating) is eating up more than the $200 a month atm
      I have friends with sail boats . . . they spend several times this per month just on storage, insurance, and up-keep.


        I check my expenses every month against my budget (really more of a spending plan -- I don't stick to it, it just adjusts around my lifestyle), and I've found it to be reasonably accurate month to month, give or take about $25 in each category.

        Not that I'm uncomfortable with the $$ figures, but I think %'s are easier to comprehend, so I'll use those here. (% of gross income)

        Gross income = ~$4050/mo
        Taxes/SS/Medicare: 10%
        Tithing: 10%
        Rent: 9% (I have 2 roommates to keep this cost down)
        Loan payment: 13%
        Auto: 2%
        Food: 3%
        Utilities: 3% (power, water, cable, internet, cell phone)
        Insurance: 3%
        Charity: 4%
        Savings/Investments: 33% (5% EF, 15% Retirement, 13% short/mid-term savings)
        Spending: 5% (Eating out, hobbies, etc.)
        Misc: 5% (recently, this has just been padding my checking account)

        Thankfully, I could rather easily live on 50% of my income, so the rest is either saved or spent as I choose. The biggest factor there is living with a couple roommates, sharing rent, food, and utility expenses. Unfortunately, my roommates will probably be moving out a few months before I do, so I'll have to take on the full rent myself -- I'll have to cut down on some of my savings and optional spending to make up for the added expenses...
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