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    Originally posted by TexasHusker View Post

    Sounds plausible. I've always heard that the body is full of some pretty nasty, toxic stuff.
    Well that's true too. I'm sure if you pour a bunch of hydrochloric acid out of a stomach onto the ground, it's going to kill the grass.

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      Originally posted by TexasHusker View Post

      I'll wait for the good doctor to weigh in on this but there is indeed something about flesh that plants don't like. A friend of mine is in special crimes and he said that when they discover a rotting corpse, they know it hasn't been placed there recently if the surrounding vegetation is dead, as the vegetation doesn't like the rotting flesh. Steve?
      The man who owns the farm and greenhouse where we buy our vegetables told me this. He didn't get into the science of it. Only to make sure we only use plant matter waste on the compost pile.


        Just started a 5gal worm bucket after reading this thread.. this is going to be my first spring/ summer in the new house so once the ground starts to unfreeze Iím going to build an outdoor compost pile.