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PC Games Are Frugal Fun

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  • PC Games Are Frugal Fun

    Once I've bought a PC game (like one of my strategy war games), I never have to spend another dime to have endless hours of interactive fun -- literally for years. It's not the same as DVDs, books and CDs (all of which I have) because those are the same every time you run them. But a PC game is different every time!

    I've got one game that I bought over 10 years ago -- and I still have enormous amounts of fun playing it. Not a boring moment when I do, either.

    How about you? Do you play PC games? Which ones?
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    Thank you. I also find Gamefly coupons to save when playing game


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      Agreed. I've been playing Diablo II on and off since 1999, still not tired of it. Ditto Age of Empires. Another cool thing is console emulation--I have the complete library of NES and SNES games. I get to relive part of my childhood, for FREE. What a great investment.


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        Totally! I have, and play, computer games that came out between 1999-2003. In fact, that's almost ALL I play. I think I have one game that came out in the last decade.

        I have Diablo II and Age of Empires. I also like Pharaoh & Emperor (city building games). Oh! And Europa Universalis. I have the original and, I think, III.


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          you are absolutely correct! PC games are different every time,even after completing it you can play it in tough mode,then in GOD mode and so on.
          The strategy games I like are Far cry,Project IGI, DOOM 3 etc. I also Like racing games like Need for speed.