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Homemade Gifts In A Jar, Cheap Gift Ideas

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    Homemade Gifts In A Jar, Cheap Gift Ideas

    I thought I'd share one of my cheap homemade gift ideas. Everyone (whether they are inclined to admit it or not – there’s always someone) enjoys having people be sweet to them. One idea for homemade gifts in a jar is what I think of as “Sweets for the Sweet”, and the idea of it is that you are showing how sweet you are to the person you are gifting, by offering up a jar full of double-duty goodness: sweets that each come with a reminder of why you think THEY are so sweet.

    Do you have cavities yet? First you have to choose a jar to use. If possible, choose one that is flat and plainly colored enough that you can decorate it yourself with paint-pens, writing something like “Sweets for the Sweet” or “Because you’re so sweet” on the side of it.

    When it comes to what goes into the jar, the idea is simple. You can pick a kind of candy that you know someone likes, so long as they are one that comes with some kind of wrapper. To each one, tape a small note about why you like the person, something you admire about them, a compliment, an encouragement, a memory or a hope.

    You can make each one different. Then, just fill the jar! Every time the lucky gift recipient reaches in for a sweet, they’ll find something that brings joy to their taste buds and to their heart.

    Easy Homemade Gift Ideas, Cheap, Free Frugal Gifts

    These are great Christmas gift ideas-thanks!


      #3 posted something very similar within the past week or so. It's a fantastic idea and will work great for a huge family like mine. Thanks!


        Okay, I have one for the jar. I hope you'll see the humor in it. It is very affordable and fun too.

        A long time ago my wife and I made Pickled Bums ... yes you read that right.

        Here's what you need

        An old canning jar (any jar will do)

        Some pillow stuffing

        A few pieces of old nylon stockings (washed please)

        Some pickling spice

        Small squares of fancy fabric

        A ribbon

        A needle and thread

        Cut the nylon into small squares, different sizes but start an inch by an inch
        fold it over the pillow stuffing and gather it at the back
        tie it with the needle and thread, pull the needle around to the front and stick it through the nylon and stuffing
        pull tight and tie, congratulations you just made a bum. I dare you to make one without laughing.

        Put your bum in the jar, make enough bums to fill the jar and put the pickling spice around them.

        Put the lid on the jar and finish with the fabric and tie with a ribbon.

        For people that have no imagination we put little labels titled "Pickled Bums". Put a best before date too.

        This is a great prank gift idea for an office party or other gift exchange. They're easy and fun to make and you might even have all the stuff you need in the cupboard all ready.

        Believe it or not, we sold lots of these for $3 or more depending on the size of the jar. I just put them out at work and took orders. That was a long time ago, maybe it's time to bring back the bum!

        Have fun with it,