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How to save in Moving boxes and supplies

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    How to save in Moving boxes and supplies

    I am getting ready to move.
    What are ways to save on Moving boxes and supplies?

    I did find plenty of free boxes and have been packing away.
    But now I am doing the kitchen.
    What are frugal ways to pack the glassware and dishware (fraguile items in general)

    Ideas and experiences welcome!

    Aside from saving packing boxes and such, for my kitchen stuff, I am wrapping stuff in bath and bed linens. I figure, I'll just launder them again after the move. Better than buying and throwing out paper and bubble wrap.

    I put some of my dishes wrapped in dish towels in my pots last night and then duct taped the lids on. I have to confess that I will be carrying the pots myself to the new house though.


      bath and bed linens
      Hey That works! I can even use some t-shirts and socks.
      Boxes I have.

      Good stuff!!


        Check out your nearby ABC stores. They may have some to spare for you.


          you could ask a friend who reads the print newspaper to give it to you for things that don't need to be clean.


            I too use linens to pack. Towards the end, if you are running out, you can use clean paper towels and then reuse them after you unpack.

            Are you registered on Freecycle? Ask for packing peanuts, bubble wrap, used packing paper, boxes, etc. Peanuts work nicely inside delicate items like wine goblets.

            For box sealing tape, if you have a lot of boxes, buying a large pack at Costco may save you a lot.


              It depends on if you are doing one BIG move or transferring a little bit at a time. I am doing a bit at a time. So, I also am using wheeled luggage to transfer clothes and things "wrapped" in clothes on each trip and bring the luggage back empty in preparation for another trip.


                Big move

                All packing completed with linens; towels, bed sheets, blankets, kitchen linens and cloth baby diapers. Christmas linens and runners where good too.
                I used some mailing (I get a lot of junk in the mail) to fill out some spaces.
                I also used stuffed animals on other boxes.
                Friends and neighbors provided the boxes.

                Free and mostly environmentally friendly!
                I am not moved yet, but got all furniture and everything but the basics on a POD

                I do belong to freecycle! but mainly for giving


                  Liquor stores have boxes and will give those away - check with them when they unpack and do inventory and show up on that day.

                  I have always been a fan of heavy duty garbage bags - and you get to reuse them when done.

                  Wrapping up items in a quilt is also good (as others have mentioned).

                  I put books in double paper bags (but you still have to be careful when carrying this - pack heavier books at the bottom - lift from bottom not from top portion).

                  Fill suitcases, duffel bags with lightweight linens, towels, etc.

                  It is amazing what basic moving supplies cost.

                  Cheapest method of all: a friend with a pick up truck and good back.


                    Originally posted by Radiance View Post
                    I also used stuffed animals on other boxes.
                    Hah, I was going to suggest using newspaper until I saw that


                      BOXES: A couple of people have mentioned liquor stores as sources for cardboard boxes, but consider asking other retailers, too. I used to work in the frame shop of an arts & crafts chain store and we got loads of boxes (all shapes and sizes) every few days that we'd just break down and put in a huge pile out the back. Anyone who stopped in to ask if we had any extra boxes could get whatever we had, free of charge. Same thing for bubblewrap, peanuts and foam wrap -- a lot of our merchandise came packed in that stuff and would just go out in the trash.

                      FREE NEWSPAPER: I now work at a university, and there are several places on campus where freebie newspapers are delivered every week. These types of newspapers can also be found in/around a lot of supermarkets and pharmacies.

                      DRAWERS: Don't forget that you can pack the drawers of your desk or dresser in lieu of using cardboard boxes. You're going to move that furniture anyway, so you might as well take advantage of the extra space. Just make sure you secure the drawers well before moving the furniture item, or take the drawers out and move them separately. (P.S. This also works with microwaves!)

                      ~ Jenney


                        Whenever i order stuff online i save the packaging also save wrapping paper from Christmas makes for good packing material once its torn off the present.

                        You can also pickup boxes outside grocery stores and other stores after they unpack inventory.

                        And if you shop at places like costco when u buy groceries u get boxes for free to carry them in which u can save.


                          There are many people who can guide you i will recommend you to visit your nearest general store there you can find boxes.


                            You can contact your local grocery store. Talk to the manager or the people that stock produce and dairy; those are the best departments to get strong boxes.


                              If it's a local move, I just put pantry & glassware in segmented liquor boxes without any wrapping. Those boxes were re-purposed as under-the-beds storage containers with segments removed.

                              A bread knife worked well to split 6 CU boxes, & re-cut boxes to fit mirrors & pictures individually wrapped in towels. The made to measure 2 pce, slide together box was held together with generous swaths of duct tape. I found using the same sized boxes helped make the move out go faster because they stacked fast and tight.