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    I agree with getting rid of the credit card debt first, and it sounds like you are leaning that way too. You aren't using the credit card now, are you? Are you paying cash for everything?

    Is $200 the minimum payment on the cc? If so, do you plan to start paying $1,200 per month (increasing by $1,000 per month the amount that is paid)? And if $1,200 is the figure you are working with, how will you make sure that amount gets paid? Are you going to send $1,200 to the credit card company on the first of the month? Make two $600 payments each month? Something else?


      Hey cleanslate. I think you are doing a great job and keep up the good work. Attack that debt. You seem organized and are watching things carefully so i think you will clean things up faster than you think. Only thing I see from the reading thru the thread is your truck may be a little rich for your situation.

      Please note moving things around and getting fancy with interest rates will only save a little. All that stuff is ok, but not the solution. Your best bet is to go crazy, jack up your income and cut your spending. A little pain for a short period of time is much much better for you in the long run. You can do it and we are here to cheer you on.


        So if you need two vehicles then do what I said for both. Get your wife the newer one while you drive something even cheaper like 5k. Their is deals out their for a reliable car that can go for a long time. You breaking down on the side of the road is a better alternative to your wife. Also the gas savings will be a large difference. Without loans you can also remove collision insurance where with a loan you cannot. The other thing I noticed is you have a line for "utilities" at $225 then you have cable, internet, and cell broken out which in my opinion are utilities. That's close to $600 in utilities which sounds very high. How big is the place you rent? Surely electricity and gas can be used more in moderation. Is cable and internet a must? How about a cell phone? I have att with unlimited minutes and 6gb of data with two lines for $98 a month with taxes and fees and I was considering lowering mine to 4gb for $20 cheaper a month.

        Track, Target, Trim, and Train and remember it's not about what you make, it's about what you keep.