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A friend of friend threw away my 300 worth suitcase last year

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    A friend of friend threw away my 300 worth suitcase last year

    A friend of friend threw away my 300 worth suitcase last year. Should and can I chase her for compensation now?

    I'm an university student. In 2015, I took a year abroad and left my stuff at my friend's house. She rented that house with another four girls. In Oct 2016, I returned back to university. At around the same time, my friend and the other three girls moved out, only one girl who continued to rent that house. My friend took all of her and my stuff to her new house, but forgot one of my suitcases. We later found out the girl who still stayed at the house had donated my luggage to a charity van. She claimed because even though 4 people inc my friend had moved out, there were still a lot of things left in her house, which got her angry. She said she had asked the other 3 girls, but forgot to ask my friend. And as a result, she threw away the suitcase. Inside the suitcase had many new stuff and invaluable sentiments of mine, total value were about 300. I didn't escalate this for a compensation. Now think about it, I feel I was so stupid, but I was totally a mess at that time. I had lots of things to worry about and catch up after a year off. My friend kept crying, blaming that was her fault of forgetting the suitcase, which was awkward. I did try to ask around charity shops in my city. The girl said she gave it to a BHS van, but my local BHS said they didn't receive my suitcase, which got my suspicious whether or not I knew the truth. With other more important things to do, I had to put this issue aside and time flies before I realised. Now the end of academic year is coming, I'm thinking about my suitcase again. I feel really angry towards that girl who never said a single word of sorry to me, everything was through my friend.

    Do you think I should and can chase her for compensation?

    On paper, you might be able to make the argument that somebody (either your friend or this fourth girl) owes you something for the suitcase and whatever was in it. But given how much time has passed (now eight months) since you got back to University, broaching the subject now doesn't seem especially likely to produce an outcome you'll be happy with.

    I guess your friend is responsible to the extent that you left it at her place with the understanding that she'd make sure nothing happened to it, and so she blew it. The fourth girl doesn't really have much to do with it in terms of accountability. She was left with a bunch of stuff she didn't want, so she gave it away. I don't think it's reasonable to expect her to double-check every piece of property with her former roommates prior to donating it.

    If you're going to pursue this, I'd only take it up with your friend. If getting anything out of her would be considered a win in your mind, you might suggest she go in for the half the amount on a reasonably priced replacement suitcase (I wouldn't push it by tallying up the cost of whatever was in it).

    Only thing I would keep in mind is that this all has the potential to sour your relationship with your friend. So you have to decide if that's worth it.


      My first thought when seeing this post is take it up with Judge Judy. Don't know if they have those sorts of things in the UK though. Other than that, my best advice is forget it however hard that might be. Dealing with this in any logical way is going to make for a problem with friends. If I had moved into a place where others had left junk behind, I would have considered it mine as well and done with it what I wanted.

      You sound rather young so here is some advice if you are willing to listen to someone on the wrong side of 60. Forget this. If this is the worst thing that ever happens to you in your lifetime, then you are a very fortunate person.