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Anxiety over debt and no retirement

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    Daycare is expensive, but you're in a very good position to pay off the rest of that debt snowball plan. Credit to you for staying the course and building momentum. Savvy budgeting might help you shave more off those monthly expenses so you can knock out the debt quicker (and feel less overwhelmed by daycare and other upcoming expenses like a new/used car). You've got this!


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      When it comes to anxiety over money, people fall into one of two camps, either they have it or they don't. And from what I've seen the amount of debt and savings doesn't really affect which camp you fall into.

      It looks like you've got a good budget on paper. You're aware of the future necessities of retirement and are developing a plan.

      I think you need to consider raising the blow money category just slightly. I am not suggesting you take $5,000 vacations three times a year, but for a matter of practicality you do need to have some fun past saving.

      Once everything is paid off, and your retirement is fully funded, you're probably still going to get anxious like I do. Just be aware ya'll have a plan and are going to be OK.