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    Been thinking about the last few questions..

    Your probably right that I should be doing more to be a better leader. As far as compromising on what foods to eat, that is not going to work. My health situation requires me to eat very small portions and I can only consume certain foods. For instance i cannot consume any caffeine because it makes me sick.
    I can only consume processed food once a day and the rest of the day I have to consume fruits and veggies.

    As far as the internet goes, there is only one other option available that is cheaper. I've used that option before I went to cable internet and did not enjoy paying for internet that I could not use half the time because of poor service quality. We use Republic wireless cellphone service which runs off of the WiFi so I already save money between the two. I use Netflix and Amazon quite regularly. I don't have have cable television so how am I really spending to much on entertainment?

    And consistently paying off debt over throwing chunks of money at debt is not a theory of mine. Consistency has been proven to be better in the long run in all aspects of life.
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      Not saying that you are spending "too much" on any category. But I do think it is a good idea to scrutinize each spending category to see if there are any areas where you are willing to cutback (make sacrifices), or where you could find less expensive or no cost options that would get you the exact same benefit/enjoyment.

      Any money spent on non-essentials, or over-spending on essentials, is FINE ... as long as you are willing to have those funds go someplace other than towards paying off the debt that you find so boring and tedious to deal with.