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17k in Credit Card Debt - Seeking Help

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    What Gailete said!

    Gailete is absolutely right about volunteering. Look into food banks, shelters, teaching literacy, helping out at afterschool clubs, animal shelters, hospitals - there are plenty of opportunities. Google untied way in your city/region - they have lists of places looking for volunteers. not only does it help "get out of yourself," you might also make new friendships. Not easy to take that first step when you're already feeling down, but just grit your teeth, look for a place to volunteer, and then do it.


      Originally posted by panthers88 View Post
      Hey everyone, I just wanted to post an update since some of you thought I've disappeared. At this point in time I'm struggling, sadly. [snip] If anyone has any advice on not feeling so alone while paying this off that would help me out immensely.
      Been there, done that, don't want to go back... Except mine was a divorce, and I lost my job due to irresponsible, excess drinking. At least you still have a job!! IOW, I completely understand and sympathize.

      25 years on, I'm happily married with two great teenagers.

      If you're religious, then go to church (but not a big Prosperity Gospel place; you'll be tempted to spend to keep up with the Jones, besides it being bad theology).

      Make different friends. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or something. Accept temporary loneliness (it won't kill you). Use the time to introspect and improve yourself.


        I think you should plan your budget and pay off the debts.